About Us

Who We Are

Setting The Standard Since 1994

Rooted in a chemical engineering company, NOX corporation was founded in 1994, focusing on Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring innovation, design and manufacturing for global customers. With customer in over 50 countries, NOX continues to lead the industry with innovation and expertise.

What We Offer

IVP (Integrated Vertical Production system)

World’s first, implementation in 2000, NOX IVP enables us to provide in-house control of the whole process for complete quality control and innovation.

EPT™ (Eco-Pro-Tec) Shield &
EMT™ (Eco-Multi-Tecture) Core

With over 50 years of proven success, NOX EPT™ shield and EMT™ core technologies have been the foundation of our innovation.

In-House Design Solution

With our unique in-house capabilities, we continue to lead the LVT design trends with world’s most diverse design option of over 4,000 designs.